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GEN-XX12.4DHE 12" High Excursion Car Subwoofer 1200 Watts Dvc 4-Ohm Double Magnet

High excursion is now the mainstream and usually this feature is very expensive. Enthusiasts sometimes miss out on amazing bass because of the large cost. We want to bring the experience of low frequency bass to even the entry level user. The GEN-XX12.4DHE is the answer to that issue. This Subwoofer is a mid-tier addition that comes in at an amazing price point while getting all those features other much more expensive high excursion subs come with.


  • High Excursion surround for a very high amount of XMAX.
  • Great power handling of 600w RMS and 1200w Max.
  • Long three voice coil and extended magnet to accommodate the xmax increase.
  • FS of 30 Hz so you can easily dip in the subsonic range with no issues along as your box is tuned correctly.
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