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EXL-XX12.2DHE 12" High Excursion Car Subwoofer 4000 Watts Dvc 2-Ohm

High excursion is now the standard in all big bass applications and we want to bring the experience of low frequency bass and high power to every user at a great price point. The EXL-XX12.2DHE is the answer to that. This subwoofer is a high tier addition that comes in at an amazing price point while getting all those features other much more expensive high excursion subs come with.
Also, with a power rating of 2000w RMS and 4000w Max, with the right power this sub will have increased excursion, decibels, and loudness altogether for a real competition bass experience.


  • High Excursion surround for a very high amount of xmax.
  • Great power handling of 2000w RMS and 4000w Max.
  • Three inch black aluminum voice coil for high power handling and great efficiency.
  • FS of 39 Hz so you can easily dip in the subsonic range with no issues along as your box is tuned accordingly.
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